New Generation Freedom

International Bible Church

A Church ALIVE Is Worth The Drive
2020 (5780) - "A TIME OF REDEMPTION!!!"
2 Samuel 7:10

Where There Is Knowledge Truth Stands Where There Is Understanding Truth Abides Where There is Wisdom Truth Is Applied This Is The Living Word Of Truth


Bishop Dr. E.R. and Pastor Vi

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New Generation Freedom International Bible Church is 

A Place Where..........

Jesus is welcome

The great commission is taken seriously

Worship is real and powerful

Spiritual gifts abound

Hurting people are sheltered

Healing occurs

Families are safe

The Bible is released in the lives of people

We live in an age of economic turmoil, dysfunctional relationships, and political uncertainty. Thankfully, God provides us a way, not merely to survive, but to take joy in Him as we strive to understand this chaotic world. The only real answers given for any life's are in the Word of God.

New Generation is a group of believers brought together to worship and serve our Lord and Savior.

Our purpose is to equip the body of Christ, to engage in intentional worship, impute spiritual growth by the Word of God, and minister to the lost, the bereaved and the shut in within our community and around the world.

We are located in a great city outside of our Nation's Capital, namely Alexandria, Virginia.

Our worship service on Sundays are enrich. We encourage you to worship with us.